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Years ago there was a printed brochure "By pleasure boat to Finland" and it was available on the web, too. I couln't find it anymore. But I have collected you a few links, where you find at least some information on boating inFinland.

There are some special rules on Saimaa canal. There is an email address at the end of this page http://www.fma.fi/e/leisure/canals/saimaa.php?page=saimaa_luotsaus
Maybe the Finnish Maritime Administration could tell you more or send you a printed brochure on Saimaa canal, and a general brochure on boating in Finland, if available.

When you enter the Finnish territorial waters, you must have 4 copies of a Vessel's Report. See page

International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 (COLREGs) apply both to Finnish coastline and inland waterways:

There are only a few minor exceptions to the COLREGs rules written in the Finnish law for inland waterways. But they are so insignificant that if you navigate as described in COLREGs, you are quite OK.

As for the equipment on your boat, the rules for the Flag State always apply. That is, your boat must be equipped as required by the Russian law. And you must fly the Russian flag from sunrise to sunset and whenever moving.

There are a few "road signs" you should be familiar with. You can see their pictures in
and you can find English explanations of the similar signs in here:

For safe boating you will need the chart series "L The Saimaa Lake District, southern part." and "S The Saimaa canal"
If you cannot get them from a chart agent in Russia, you could buy them from the web: http://www.troilmarin.fi/

I recommend this book for the Guest harbours on lake Saimaa: http://www.finnlake.com/saimaa/

Septic waste is not allowed to let to sea or lakes in Finland. Finnish boats are equipped with a septic tank and there are vacuum suction stations in most guest harbours. Even if you don't have such a tank, you are not allowed to let septic waste to the sea or lake.

Hopefully the above links help you when planning your sailing trip to Finland.

Best regards,
Veli-Veikko Niskanen

"Alexander A. Krasnikov" <aleckk@mail.ru>

19.01.2007 12:50
Please respond to
"Alexander A. Krasnikov" <aleckk@mail.ru>

Inland water sailing rules request


I am a yachtsmen from Russia. In summer 2007 I'm planing to visit
Finaland with my folding sail catamaran for leisure sailing on Saima
lakes. Unfortunatelly I unable to find the Finnish rules of inland
waterways sailing, yacht equipment requirements etc. in English. Could
you please help me to get such document?

Best regards,
Alexander Krasnikov

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